We have so many first world problems here at TekShot5 sometimes…  Upgrade to IOS 5.1 and iMessage stops working!  What will we ever do?!  Life just isn’t worth living without iMessage!!!

If you are just like us and just got around to upgrading your iPhone IOS to 5.1 you may or may not have noticed a problem.  We did!  TekShot5 is a big fan of the iMessage feature released with IOS 5 but after the recent upgrade it seemed more or less broken.  This is like configuring a home security system. No matter what we did we couldn’t get it working.  We activated and deactivated stuff, we rebooted a million times, reset wireless routers, changed DNS servers, you name it.  After all of this we got desperate and headed to Google only to find there are a lot you out there like us.  A lot of users are coming up short when it comes to solutions on how to get iMessage working again.  Well after a good bit of digging we found a fix that had us back up and running in no time!

Fix Starts Here >>>

Alright first off.  If you are on a wireless network and you aren’t using DHCP or you have some crazy setup that requires manual setting up your wireless connection from you phone then you need to write those settings down.  Go to “Settings > Wi-Fi >” and choose the blue little circle with the white arrow in it.  This will take you to your network settings.  Write down as much as you need that will allow you to get your network back up and running.  We can’t tell you what you need because we aren’t on your network… Sorry it doesn’t work like that.  Oh and if you have a password saved to connect to your wireless network it might be best to figure that out if you don’t know it before you continue on.

Next step.  Go to “Settings > General > Date & Time” and make sure that “Set Automatically” is turned to the “ON” position.

After that you are going to want to head over to “Settings > General > Reset” and click on the “Reset Network Settings” button.  Now the iPhone will go about doing it’s thing.  You should most likely get a screen like the one seen when you are installing the IOS.  After that the phone will reboot itself.

The phone will now be missing it’s network settings.  That’s fine because you wrote down that stuff in the beginning like we told you to, right?  If you are running DHCP you should be good to go.  Connect to your wireless network and type in your password if you have one of those things and you should be good to go.

Hope this helps out.  Not really our thing to provide tech support but sometimes if you know something it doesn’t hurt to share.

TekShot5 providing stellar TekSupport!  - Out!

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