The Disconnect Extension

For some reason here at TekShot5, we have hit the online privacy issue pretty hard lately.  First was HTTPS Everywhere, a free extension that forces webpages to use a secure link from you and the web server you are talking to.  Then we touched on Spokeo, what exactly it is and how to remove yourself from it.  Today we are going to talk about the Disconnect extension created by Disconnect Inc., a Menlo Park, California startup that’s doing their best to look out for you best interests by preventing Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yahoo from tracking your activities online. Read more

BloApp Review

In an effort to drive more readers to Tekshot5 I decided to look into smartphone apps.  Through a quick search I ran across Bloapp.  Bloapp advertises their product by telling you that you can convert your blog into Iphone or Android app but after completing the process I now see that as kind of misleading. This app allows you to quickly convert your blog into Iphone and Android readable format that your readers can view using the Bloapp.  So you don’t actually get your own App but more like a listing in the Bloapp supported blogs. Read more

Playstation 4 Orbis

In our brief 30 minute interview with Sir Howard Stringer, the Sony CEO, we found out a lot of good stuff about the new PS4.  Okay, so were totally kidding about getting an interview with the Sony CEO but we do have the internet and we found out some cool stuff you may or may not know… Read more

iPhone 5 Rumors and News

High tech lovers and iPhone gurus are anticipating the arrival of the new iPhone 5.  The phone is expected to make its grand appearance in June of 2012. reports.

4G speed, a new A6 processor, as well as awesome video and chat features are only a few upgrades tech lovers can expect to see on the new iPhone 5.  Other features to look for upon the release of the new phone are; face recognition security, GPS capabilities, and a 4 inch glass screen with an aluminum back. Read more

HTTPS Everywhere

The internet can be a dangerous place if you don’t know what you are doing.  Sometimes it’s nice to have an extension or plugin to watch your back so that you constantly don’t have to be looking over your shoulder.  That is why there is HTTPS Everywhere.  This small little extension helps to keep you encrypted even if you didn’t think it was an option reports.

HTTPS Everywhere is a free Google Chrome and Firefox extension produced by the Electronics Frontier Foundation that will search to see if any webpages you want to view has an HTTPS version.  If it does then the extension will automatically direct you to the HTTPS version of the site without any more action on your part.  If you just got dizzy and your head hurts a little, that’s fine. We’ll break it down for you and help you understand. Read more

Blekko the slashtag search engine reports that the slashtag search engine,, much like other search engines is one of those websites that will help you along your quest to find whatever it is you are looking for.

Most other search engines know their place in the world of search engines but Blekko is a true maverick and currently seeks to dethrone Google by offering search results without the spam. Blekko currently boasts that they can provide your search results from a pool of over 3 billion trusted websites and none of that information coming from content farms. Also malware disqualifies your site from being listed in the Blekko search results. In addition to their spam and malware free search results, Blekko wants to put a little twist on things… or should we say “tilt.” Read more

Angry Birds Space Review

Everyone loves Angry Birds. It is one of the first apps to absolutely explode in both the iTunes and Google’s now Play store. There are a bunch of different versions of this app as well including Star Wars and Space. The app itself has over 700 million downloads. It is a great game and fun to play. It can be played by kids as well and literally everyone of all ages. Read more

Drudge Report App

Reported by, there is now a Drudge Report App available.

Here is the information available from the iTunes store. It free to download so you can get all of the updates you are looking for while on the go. There are new bookmark features and this version is much more stable than the last version. Read more