Tabbed Browsing History and Tricks

Web surfing on satellite Internet is part of our daily lives here at TekShot5. With that being said, we can honestly tell you there is nothing new or tech related out there that’s worth talking about. So instead we are going to share our wisdom on “Tabs.”

The history of tabbed browsing and two must know tricks:

Tabs are great inventions. If was tough times for web surfers back in the day when we had to have 10 windows down in our taskbar cluttering everything up. The more windows we had the small the taskbar buttons for our browser got, the smaller they got the harder they were to read. It was a mess.


1997 – The actual origin of tabbed browsing is a little hazy but as it stands right now the first known use of a tabbed browser was Netcaptor which was originally released in this year.

2001 – A plugin came out for Mozilla called MultiZilla which allowed for tabs. The creation of this plugin goes to David Hyatt. Mozilla later implemented it into their browser in October of 2001. Opera decided to jump on the bandwagon and started supporting tabbed browsing in December of 2001.

2002 – Phoenix a.k.a. Firefox came out in 2002 and had tabbed browsing right off the bat.

2003 – January of 2003, Safari came in to existence and made sure not forget the tabbed browsing aspect.

2005 –  Microsoft decided to jump on board in 2005 with their release of IE7.

2008 - We obviously can’t forget Google Chrome which came out in September of 2008 and had tabbed browsing as well.

Now that we have given you this completely boring and useless history of when tabbed browsing was implemented we can get to our super duper neato tricks!


Ctrl + T – Opens a new tab. A lot of people know this but if you didn’t know you do. But did you know that….

Ctrl + Shift + T – Opens the last recently closed tab. This is the best of them all. How many times have you accidently closed a tab you were meaning to get to and then you had to figure out what it exactly page it was by climbing around in your history just to figure out that it wasn’t all that interesting any way. Now you know!

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